About Whitewater History

Whitewater History attempts to aggregate and connect the most interesting writing on the history of the sport, while also producing original work. Sources vary from intricate articles on expeditions, to videos and write-ups of trips, all the way down to Facebook notes and forum posts.The intention is to illuminate the many varied connections between the sports past and present, while giving a spotlight to the past that is so often lost in current coverage.

The site also hopes to archive all the work it aggregates (as PDFs, movie files, etc), so that they remain view able even as the original sites disappear.

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chrispreperatoauthorChris Preperato has been kayaking and making films for the better part of two decades. His first experience boating was in the center of his parents canoe at the age of 10. He began making films in his sophomore year of high school, though many of them, fortunately, no longer exist.

Today, he is the multimedia and database manager at the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media. He earned his B.A. in Communication Arts from Allegheny College, specializing in Video Production. In addition to his work at CHNM, Chris is the creator of A History of the Upper Yough, whose story Shootout at Sang Run won first place the National Paddling Film Festival. He has also been accepted into several film festivals for his other outdoor adventure sports work.