Al Faussett, Professional Daredevil

At no time was I afraid of those treacherous falls, not even when the water seemed to be crushing the very life out of me. It was all over in a few seconds, and when I saw the light of day as I rode out of. the turbulent waters, I thanked God that I had ridden safely through.

Alfred “Al” Faussett, logger and waterfall-jumping daredevil of Monroe, Washington gained fame for his exploits in the 1920s – when all across the country daredevils were taking on challenges such as going over waterfalls in strange craft, doing stunts on the wings of biplanes, or vying for titles of “the best, the biggest, the only.” Al, an inveterate showman, built the innovative canoes and other craft in which he successfully tumbled down waterfalls in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. He competed for attention throughout his life through stunts that achieved fame, but never the riches or happiness he sought.

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