Bunny Johns – 2008 Boater Chick of the Year!

Presenting Bunny Johns, Boater Chick of the Year!

When I arrived in the Nantahala Community in 1990, I found myself surrounded by so many great paddlers. There were Olympic gold-medals being won, powerful rivers being run, new countries being explored-all by awesome paddlers both male and female. The Narrows of the Green were just being explored, as were the Bear and other steep runs of TN, the Futaleafu of Chile was new territory, and Nepal was luring many world paddlers. As a female, it was cool to cross paths on the river with the likes of KB Boyln, Mary Hayes, Arlene Burns, and to take in the tales of the likes of Risa Shimoda and Carrie Aston…and that does not even include the awesome male boaters that were out there really making things happen!

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