Chasing a Dream and the River

“Worry is interest paid on a debt you may never owe.”

-Eric Jackson

EJ does not often spout his philosophy, he prefers to live it. You seldom hear him go on about relishing the moment, the journey being the reward, but look at him: traveling the mountain back roads from one remote river to the next, a man with no savings, no 401k, no fixed address, crisscrossing America to kayak the way very few others have ever kayaked.

Home is his RV–31 feet long, dirt-caked, rain-streaked, its left front bumper bashed in and secured with rope after a wreck at an icy guardrail in the Colorado Rockies. Inside are his wife, Kristine, their two children–7-year-old Emily and 4-year-old Dane–and two Dalmatians. Lashed to the rear are a tangle of bicycles. Piled atop the roof are half a dozen kayaks, vital possessions that survived the great purge last fall, when the family sold pretty much everything–beds, chairs, dressers, home electronics, most of the kids’ toys, some $6,000 worth of belongings–to hit the road full time.

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