Eric Jackson Turns 50 Years Old

Aging is inevitable, and seeing your next birthday is a goal for all but those who no longer want to live. What is the point of seeing another birthday unless you have things you want to do between now and then, anyhow? There is something to be said for what you have already done, of course, as it is the foundation for who you are in many ways. Being able to look back and reminisce about moments, achievements, relationships, etc.. is more meaningful the longer you have been alive, I think. There was a time when my goals were to be a world champion, and a millionaire before I was 30. I didn’t reminisce about too much then, as I really was so focused on the future. Having kids was a big part of the process for me of enjoying the past as much as the prospect of the future. Remembering times spent with them, special moments, a birthday, Christmas, a fun day outside, etc.. became more meaningful each year they grew and each year older I became.

Read: Eric Jackson Turns 50 Years Old, by Jackson Kayak.