History of the Worlds (Rodeo)

1991: Bitches Tidal Bore, Wales, England

Conception: The first World Rodeo Championship is the brainchild of Andy Middleton, who sketches out the event on a road trip across Northern Europe to paddle in the first Fast Water Festival on the Sweden-Finland border.

The Bitches: The Bitches are well known to playboaters and sea kayakers as some of the best whitewater in Britain. At high tide the water is channelled between Ramsey Island and the Welsh mainland and rushes over a shallow reef in the channel. They are called The Bitches because of the shipwrecks they have caused.The Bitches are a half-mile off shore and difficult to predict accurately, so paddlers camp on the island and paddle in the morning and evening to catch The Bitches at their best.

RSVP: There were two selection events held in the UK but most other competitors, including paddlers from Germany, USA, Finland and New Zealand, arrive as invitees.

All in the Same Boat: Competition includes whitewater sprint, rodeo, squirt, wave and extreme slalom complete with committing seal launch. Competitors all used the same model of boat for each discipline. Scores are weighted and totalled.

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