In the Cauldron Below

I was sitting in my kayak in the cauldron below. The waterfall towering ninety-eight feet and four inches above my head tossed and chilled me with its moist, angry breath. Perched ten feet above and behind me and squeezed into a wooden monkey cage were tourists expressing various forms of emotion ranging from an idle curiosity to trembling fear. Sitting directly below them on the bank, divided only by the ambient deafness were all of the Twitch Extreme Kayaking Expedition members. Well, all but one. That last one, Tao Berman was one hundred vertical feet above scouring the waterfall, trying to predict whether his kayak angle could be kept vertical, and the damage to his body limited to a pair of broken ribs. Ultimately, he was calculating whether his 5’5 body could survive the ninety-eight foot, four inch free fall that would undisputedly grant him the world record for the biggest vertical waterfall ever kayaked.

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