Kayakers Set New 24-Hour Distance Record

Sometimes ending a wild trip is the hardest part.

Just ask Todd Wells and high-water kayaking cohorts Aniol Serrasolses, Tyler Bradt and Brendan Wells: What was the hardest part about setting a new, 24-hour distance paddling world record? Well, besides a sore butt and stiff legs, it was the last four hours after hitting the 24-hour mark, still having to paddle out to reach their takeout.

The foursome set the world record, still pending approval from Guinness, this weekend (June 3-4) by paddling a high-water run linking Idaho’s Middle Fork, Main and Lower Salmon rivers, clocking a whopping 287.5 miles in 24 hours. “The previous record was 274 miles,” says Bradt, who celebrated his 31st birthday on the record-setting excursion, “and at the end of a big 24 hours of continuous paddling our GPS read 287.5.”

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