Legends of Rafting: Glenn Goodrich

Most ardent river runners have, at some point, been a guide. Some try it for a season, others make it a career. Perhaps nobody has embraced the profession, however, with such sustained enthusiasm, and in as many places, as Glenn Goodrich. He started in the era of non-self-bailing rafts, spending his first two-and-a-half decades of boating in West Virginia and the Southeast before heading west to the Grand Canyon in 2003, when he was 49 years old. Since then, Goodrich has worked the gamut: Maine’s Kennebec, Alaska’s Nenana, Montana’s Flathead, and California’s Kern, to name a few. He starts his seasons on Arizona’s Salt, and finishes each fall on his beloved Gauley, where he is now known as “The Gauley Lama.” When not guiding, Goodrich often paddles a Shredder. The lightweight paddle-cataraft has traveled with him to three continents. Wherever he goes, Glenn’s goal is to run as many different rivers as possible. And if someone needs a guide along the way, Goodrich is their man.