Paddling with Scott Lindgren

With Burning Time II, world-class kayaker and filmmaker Scott Lindgren is back doing what he does best—scouring the world for the most intense rapids, and shots, on the other side of sane.

In 1997, expedition kayaker and cinematographer Scott Lindgren and a team of paddlers climbed 17,618-foot Pequeno Alpamayo in the Andes Mountains, then kayaked the Rio Camata into the Amazon. The resulting documentary film, Andes to Amazon, won Lindgren an Emmy. Not a bad way to start a career. Ten years, a dozen films, and a first descent down Tibet’s Tsangpo River Gorge later, Lindgren, 34, is still traveling to the back of beyond, logging first descents, and capturing some of the world’s most death-defying physical feats on film.

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