The Return of the Kern

    I have been extremely excited about releasing this project to the public. The Cataracts of the Kern have been absolutely incredible all year. Growing up on the banks of the Kern River I always heard stories of the hay days of the Kern back in the early 1980’s from my dad Tom Moore. 30 plus years later it is incredible to bring the fire back to my home in a big way. The Cataracts of the Kern at these high flows are by far the hardest kayaking I have ever done and arguably some of the hardest kayaking the sport has seen. I want to give a huge shout out to Johnny Chase and Tad Dennis for being such amazing paddlers and teammates to be able to do this section. Also I want to give a massive thank you to James Wolk and Yakass Productions for coming out and filming us and putting this amazing piece together! California is having the year of a lifetime. Lucky to call this place home and particularlly lucky to call the Kern my home.

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