Shaun Baker and Niagara Falls

Back in 1996, Shaun Baker broke the record for the worlds longest kayak freefall when he dropped 65 feet off the Aldeyjarfoss falls in Iceland. Now, he wants to shatter that record by going over the biggest drop of them all; Niagara Falls. How will he avoid the rocks and immense amount of water poring over? His newest invention, a jet powered kayak.

“I’m planning to run some huge, record-breaking waterfalls,” says Baker, 44. “The ones I had to walk away from in the past because I simply would not have been able to clear the rocks at the bottom. This time I can stop 10 metres from the edge, fire the engine up and get a ballistic burst of speed and just fly right over the top. Fifty metres downstream – that’s where I’m going to land – literally flying.”

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