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Looking Back: The ’89 Slalom Worlds

The Savage River. Its name alone is forbidding. And fitting for a river tucked away from the crowded Eastern cities, sitting on the fringe...

Inside Jon Lugbill’s 1989 winning C-1 Run

When the World Slalom Championships come to Maryland Sept. 17-21, they’ll be returning to a site just a throw rope away from their debut...

Canoe Slalom Championships at Bala (1981)


How the MWWP was created

It was built from a rather bland riverbed by a small group of volunteers. They wished to provide a place that was reliable for...

Rich Weiss, 1996 Olympics

Rich Weiss -- 1996 Olympics. Watch: Rich Weiss - 1996 Olympics

Millbrook Boats: Against the Currents

Unlike most canoe manufacturers, the end of production of Royalex, the thermoformed plastic used for decades in whitewater and tripping canoes, caused no grief...

Savage Worlds 1989

Foxy on fire again, and some classic moves by arguably the best C1 slalom paddler ever Jon Lugbill

Richard Weiss & Richard Fox

This is the 25 year anniversary of the 1989 World Championship held right here in Garrett County Maryland and only the second time in...

Slalom Through Time

Canoe and Kayak slalom through time. Here are some videos showing how Canoe Slalom has changed and progressed over the years, from the first world...