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The Dams That Nearly Swallowed the Gorilla

Most whitewater paddlers don’t know this, but Dec. 12 will mark 110 years since an engineer’s failed plan for a Western North Carolina river...

First Cheoah Release 2005

Shane Benedict prepared this great video from the first day of Cheoah releases in the fall of 2005.

62 Years

The last time Ken Brower traveled down the Yampa River in Northwest Colorado was with his father, David Brower, in 1952. This was the...

Gauley Dam Flood of 1966

In 1966, just after completion of the Summersville Dam & Reservoir, mother nature put it to the test. For the one time in it's...

A Visit to the Past

My throat tightened first, then mist filled my eyes, clouding my vision. Soon, the first drop trickled down the crease of my nose, then...

Juma of Itanda

Humanity, hope and the fate of a mighty river. As Juma Via Kalikwani walks through the dirt streets of his hometown, he is bombarded with...

A River Reborn

As kayakers, experiencing a new river is as easy as hopping in a car and driving to a new region. However, rarely do we...

On Permanence And Lost Paddles

Naming a rapid is an act of defiance.

Martin’s Boat

O.A.R.S. presents Martin's Boat – a 23-minute film by Pete McBride honoring the late Martin Litton - www.martinsboat.com Preeminent conservationist David Brower called him his...

Ain’t It Just Grand

It's a blustery April afternoon on the Colorado River, deep inside Grand Canyon National Park, and from his seat in the stern of a...