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History of the Worlds (Rodeo)

1991: Bitches Tidal Bore, Wales, England Conception: The first World Rodeo Championship is the brainchild of Andy Middleton, who sketches out the event on a road...

Eric Jackson’s World Kayak Federation Promo

As the organizer of the first Head to Head Extreme Races, I worked on bringing extreme racing into the forefront of kayaking competition in...

Ocoee Whitewater Rodeo 2000

Demo of big name professional paddlers competing in a yearly AWA event. Hosted by professional Sam Drevo. Produced, directed and edited by Travel Channel's...

Standing Tall (Dan Gavere)

Dan Gavere is out of his element. He’s standing in an airy, ultra-modern photo studio on a hill overlooking his hometown of Hood River,...

Paddlequest: Chile

Historical footage of an elite team of extreme kayakers meet on the Futaleufu river in the Northern Patagonia section of Southern Chile.