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Whitewater Legend Roger Paris

Few adventurers have been as present in mountain culture over the past sixty years as Roger Paris (Ro zhe' Pair ree). His life reads...

The Chronicles Of Ugg

Back in the 90s a crazy mowaked paddler was often seen, all big boots, bone through his nose and a matrix style coat, making...

Anton Prijon (1929 – 2016)

It is with great sorrow that we inform you of the passing of Anton Prijon, world champion and world famous boat manufacturer. Toni Prijon was...

Canoe Slalom Championships at Bala (1981)


Canoe Slalom (1951)

L/S Start of slalom pan at 1 ft. to canoeist going down river. watchers on bank. M/S Another canoeist starting. C/U Another canoeist paddling....

Pyranha Memories: The Rotobat

I designed the RotoBat in 1984 with the help of leading paddlers at the time, including Dave Reynolds. The 1980s were a great time to...

Shooting The Rapids (1927)

Story featuring a new invention - a light collapsible canoe. C/U of man putting the craft together by the side of a fast flowing river....

1972 Olympiade Augsburg

For video of the 1971 race before the Olympics, you can visit Kanu Schwaben Augsburg on Facebook. And for more footage of the 1972 Olympiade,...

Augsburg (GER), 1957

Footage provided by Lukas Novosad (Czech Wildwater Team).

Eighty Years on the Sharp End

Kayaking Harry Higman, Wolf’s old scoutmaster, introduced Wolf to foldboating on the lower rivers of Puget Sound after World War II. Foldboating was developed in...