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The Backender Boat

Ohiopyle Falls is an inflection point. After meandering downstream of the Pennsylvania line, the falls marks a shift in the river.

Certain Squirtin’

Jim and Jeff Snyder show a variety of trix according to his work "Squirt Book".

Dan River’s Epic Film

I took this footage using my dad’s Super 8 movie camera which I carried down the river in a waterproof ammo can. I would...

The Fun Brothers, Jim and Jeff Snyder

Jim and Jeff Snyder revolutionized whitewater play. The whole point was to modify the ender, to transform that seminal rodeo move from a single flop...

Heroes: Jim Snyder

Imagine if the evolution of paddling had left a trail of footprints in the sand. Now see those ragged-edged tracks marking the shift from...

Pioneers of the Iconic Cheat River

In the rugged Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia, an equally rugged river flows north for almost 162 miles. Forming at the confluence of five...

A Token of My Extreme

This video is a classic of West Virginia whitewater paddling, featuring many of the badasses of the region who pushed the boundaries of kayaking....

Most Influential Boaters of All Time

This list was tough to compile—countless people have contributed to the white- water boating scene over the years. We asked ourselves how paddling would...

Unsponsored Q&A – Jim Snyder

Jim Snyder is a squirt boating innovator, legend, founder and developer. He has been at the forefront of both boat and paddle design for...