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CCA’er Ben Tracey Lived LARGE

Ben Tracey, an old friend and venerable Canoe Cruisers Association father, died last Saturday. Ben was a no-nonsense, practical, tactical, north-country mentor; ...who I...

On Permanence And Lost Paddles

Naming a rapid is an act of defiance.

Gauley Fest

The largest boating festival began with a single orange and a candy bar split six ways.

When Jim Stuart and I Invented Playboating

Not long ago I got a CD that contains several decades of the Cruiser, the newsletter of the Canoe Cruisers Association in DC.  In...

Whitewater Commencement (First Descent of the Big Sandy)

June, 1967 Three intrepid 17 year old kayakers headed west from Washington DC into the Appalachians; ...Norton Smith (Mendesta K1 SL), Chris Thomson (Duffek K1...