The Daniel Effect

Okay, here’s how we’re gonna do this.

That was a good signal to pay attention to Daniel DeLaVergne because the king of logistics was about to lay out a fool proof plan.

I had just returned from a kayaking trip on the North Shore of Lake Superior, and we were headed to California for the Seven Rivers Expedition one week later. We had to ship our boats, roof racks, and as much gear as we could cram in the boats ahead to Sacramento. We only had one day to go to Liquidlogic, pick up boats, pack them with gear, and drop them off at Forward Air in Greenville. I was coming from Knoxville, and Forward Air was closing at 3:30. We were tight on time. But the Green was running 200% until noon. Obviously, we had to make that happen too. As always, Daniel could instantly see the correct order of events to make everything happen on time with maximum efficiency.

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