The History Of Liquidlogic Kayaks

A little history:
In the late 90’s, Perception kayaks was at the top of their game. Leading edge designers, amazing paddling team, great administration…a tricked-out limousine-shuttle-rig. It didn’t get much better than that.  Then the big-money got involved. The ‘Bank of Bahrain’ bought the company out for only god-knows-why. Needless to say, as often happens when large corporations get involved in an industry built on heart and pride, quality began to diminish. The soul crushing began and didn’t stop. It was Shane, Woody, the boat makers, and molders that had to talk to local paddlers every week about why the latest models sucked. It was too much for the crew to stomach. Late night meeting held in dark dingy pubs and shoddy living rooms in small cabins in the hills began to occur. Note pad scribbling, number crunching, brainstorming.

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