Tommy Yon runs Bald River Falls

After hearing about his amazing decent over the falls I was able to chat with Tommy at the Nantahala Outdoor Center in North Carolina.Rick – what was the date and river level?

Tommy – It was Thursday March 18, 2011. I am a little confused about that. One source tells me that it was 2.5 ft and the other is saying 4ft.

Rick – Were you planning to run this waterfall when you came to the Tellico or were you just planning on paddling the river?

Tommy – NO! I was just planning on running the river.  I didn’t mention running it to anyone until we were taking Christine to the lower. We were crossing the bridge and I slammed on the brakes.

I pulled in kind of sideways jumped out of the car, looked at it , and my inner Tommy said you are going to run this drop today, and you are going to make it – you see the line and you see your strokes, take it, its yours today!

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