Waterfalls: Forbidden Fruit or Calculated Risk?

“The following article is bound to be viewed as controversial at best and irresponsible or reckless at worst. But out interest in the subject of waterfalls is one of reportage–that truly expert paddlers have and will continue to run waterfalls, pushing their skills to the limit of human endurance, until such time as 1) the water stops, or 2) they stop. Thus the following discussion recognizes the activity only as an extreme deviation from sound boating practices and does not in any way imply endorsement or urge participation from canoe readers. Rather, let it shed light on what’s so involved so that any speculators might be forewarned of the extreme dangers therein.”

Back in the 1970’s, the idea of running waterfalls appeared to many as a reckless and self-destructive stunt of the sensation-crazed. But to those who partake of the forbidden fruit (and to those who write about it), hucking waterfalls had become the ultimate in river running.

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